Autostar Germany

Autostar Germany is the aftermarket brand of Mercedes Benz & BMW car parts.  The quality of Autostar Germany parts is the finest. It is the best quality auto parts available in the automotive market. Autostar Germany is a well-known brand in the Middle East automotive industry. For more than 10 years we are serving in the Gulf automotive market as well as African and European markets.

Autostar Germany is the United Arab Emirates registered brand. We are serving in UAE for more than a decade in the automotive parts market. We are having customers from all around the globe. We are also exporting our “Autostar Germany” products to Europe, Africa, Russia, Asian Countries & Gulf countries.

We are having all types of parts of Mercedes Benz & BMW such as- Engine Parts, Suspension & Steering, Braking & Filtration, Air Conditioning & Cooling system, Body Parts, Electrical Components, Transmission parts and so on.

Also, we are available now on various digital marketplaces, where you can purchase an auto part for your car and make it delivered at your doorstep. You can visit our virtual branded store on Amazon to check our listed products online.You can contact us directly to enquire about any automotive parts, auto glass, lubricants, and other related products.